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Shadow problem
(03-16-2017, 05:48 PM)b60 Wrote: O.K.--thanks. I cut out a portion of each image and I'll try to post them now.

But that is just a portion from your edited image? A bit from

Is that all you have? Need the image before you added the grass.
This is the a portion of the original image to which I added the grass jpeg.

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You have your work cut out with that. 
Is that a road/path at the top? By rights perspective should be used on the grass but that is another story.

The tutorial is Wink

1. Select the grass area - keep the selection active through the next steps
2. Desaturate: Colors -> Desaturate (using Luminosity option)
3. Blur that desaturated selection: Filters -> Blur -> Gaussian Blur (value 8 to 10)
4. Lighten the blured selection - up to you how much - it can be adjusted after the next step as well: Colors -> Brightness-Contrast
5. Make a new transparent layer and fill with the grass. Set the layer mode to Hard Light.

When satisfied with the 'blurred layer' lightness you can kill the selection.

All those steps as layers, in a Gimp image 2.6 MB if it helps.

You should get something like this:

What you've done is excellent--I thank you for the help (I just I can match your expertise!).

What you're seeing is a sidewalk--the grass in the original image is flat and just a placeholder.

Thanks again--I'll let you know how I do!
Well, at long last I'm finally getting back to this. I still don't understand the steps involved. What I'm doing is taking a rendered lawn with a so-so grass jpeg established and tree shadows cast on it. I then select this lit grass area in Gimp and paste in a more realistic grass jpeg. Obviously I can't paste this on top of the tree shadows because it would just cover them up, so I leave the shadowed areas unselected. But when the new grass is applied it makes the shadows look horrible, so I need a way to get the new grass into the shadowed areas.

I just tried going over this and I'm afraid I'm lost. Could you please explain (again!--sorry about this) your step-by-step process to solve the above problem?

I truly do thank you!
This is just repeating the previous method, there will be others. It really is better if advice is given using whole images rather than a clip, which might not be truly representative.

However. the procedure as a video, maybe you can identify the steps taken and apply to your image(s) duration: one min 30 secs

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