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Sort palette colours
Before diving into 'why not working' can you confirm that in the Filters menu you have the Python-Fu entry.

Yes, it is there. And it has one entry " console ".

Ok. You use ubuntu 18.04 and Gimp 2.10.14 from and I use the same.
Some parts do not work for you but work for me. Conclusion, something broken in your installation.

I am assuming you installed Gimp from a terminal as shown in

You can check the python console, it should look like the inset in the attached screenshot. Version numbers should coincide. Other than that do not bother with the terminal. There is a search function in Gimp 2.10, press the / (forward slash) to bring up the search box, enter a search term to see what is available. You can use this to reach a function if you click on the entry. screenshot:

Seems your interests lean towards animation, sometime you will need a working python installation. Ofnuts for example has useful plugins for merging / adding to animations.

You could try re-installing Gimp according to the above, might / might not work. (If I was doing it, I would purge the existing first)

An alternative Gimp 2.10.14 There is a portable Gimp, an appimage here:
You want the 2.10.14-with-plugins (140 MB) Put anywhere you like, make it executable, run it. Slightly different from the regular Gimp 2.10, makes a Gimp profile ~/.config/2.10-Appimage. Otherwise works the same for the user.

Sorry I can not help more, best of luck
Yes, the same PPA..

Console output was the same as the screenshot you shared

When I tried " / " and searched for " sort " and double-clicked the result. The sorting is working to some extent. But the unexpected part is, I now have the right-click menu like I saw in your screenshots. I don't know how, but the sort options and other are back.

Thanks for the help.

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