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White outline when using free select.
No idea what is going on but whenever I cut/copy + paste a free selected area I get a stupid-ass white outline:

Yet EVERY OTHER cutting tool doesn't do this. I legitimately do not understand why this stupid-ass program is doing this. I do not have feather edges selected.
Well, you are not going to get very far with posts like that. For some reason I can never duplicate it. I suppose it it is the same as this post.

Antialiased edge pixels using the BG colour. (white)

Make sure you have an alpha channel. `Layer -> Transparency -> Add Alpha Channel

Looking at your only other post, it seems you hate Gimp. Why use it if you dislike it ? Use or maybe etch-a-sketch.
I use free select followed by copy and paste. When I paste I get a floating layer with an outline. Then I merge the layer and the outline disappears.

I suggest you get your money back. Surely you can find different software that satisfies your needs.
@Brothan: I sometimes meet people like you. All kinds of serious programs are not magic tools that solve our problems when you snap your fingers (although we would like to) . One must first know what a program does and how to use it. Sometimes one encounters a problem, but usually it can be solved. In this case, a number of people are delving into gimp and trying to help people with gimp problems. By the way, a few years ago I does't liked gimp, that was because I could'n know the possibilities of that program. Now I like it (and also because it's free)  Big Grin

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