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make lines thicker on already drawn object
I have several objects that are already drawn. After finishing them, I think they need to have thicker lines. Is there a way to make this so, without having to redraw the objects with a thicker line in the pencil or path tool?

I'm using GIMP 2.10 on linux.
If you used the path tool, it's only a matter of re-stroking with a wider line.

Otherwise, starting with this;


Apply a Gaussian blur:


Start the Curves tool, and make a diagonal across the white part on the right (which is the histogram of your blurred image)




The trick being to find the position/slope of the diagonal which is the best compromise between smoothness and blurriness.
You can use the Threshold tool instead (but you will have jagged edges)(Threshold is just Curves with a vertical drop). You can also use Levels.

That did the trick. I am curious about the Threshold and Levels tools, but that's academic at this point. Thank you for the information. The steps in your explanation were helpful.

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