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(01-16-2018, 01:31 AM)Ofnuts Wrote: Time to ask for royalties:

The bitmap font for web page title is one that I made.
(I had children's birthday cards in mind when I made it.)

15 minutes!
finally got around to making some sort of logo header for the tutorial on my blog

100% made in Gimp
zigzag edge made with ofn path waves
sunray with a gradient
stars with a parametric brush

[Image: Bend%2BPath%2BTutorial%2BLogo.png]
Nice Smile
Updated the script, with (hopefully...) an improvement on the heuristic to determine the top and bottom stroke.
Still as fast as ever Wink

The problem wasn't with speed, but with an envelope path where the two strokes had the same extremities (the red one for "SOUTHERN" below, so the script couldn't determine which was on top. of course I could tweak the path to avoid this but then I also use that envelope path to draw the "corners".


The new version just compares a pseudo-average height of the strokes (coordinates of the extremities plus topmost handle/tangent), which is simpler (otherwise 81 cases...)
I have been playing with the Bendiness feature discovered a small anomaly.

I used values of 0 100 200 for Bendiness.
Bendiness 200 gives the same result as Bendiness 0.

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.xcf   Bendiness.xcf (Size: 37.93 KB / Downloads: 12)
Ah, but there is some even if not obvious, below, 3 paths, from top to bottom:
  • The envelope
  • Bendiness 100% (red)
  • Bendiness 0%
As you can see, bendiness 100% added tangents (at 100%, the tangents from from both anchors are exactly on the middle of the segment and so overlap). To quote the doc: "Note however that this curve cannot be exactly the same
as the one you would get by interpolating intermediate points (even if it will  be close)."   Big Grin
New version uploaded. Added the ability to bend several paths together, and better undo/exception handling. Enjoy.

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