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ofnuts inbetweener error ?
With the ofnuts inbetweener I've used paths to make a drawing. The first 'inbetween' is right (blue) but the ones in red minimise to the centre and then maximise to the origin length. Is this normal or is it an error?
Hard to tell without the actual path and the parameters used. What I suspect is that your two paths are top-to-tail  (ie, running in opposite directions), so the extremities of the intermediate paths are following the yellow lines:


Of course, you'll find everything in ofn-path-edits to remedy to that Smile
Ofnuts, thank you for the quick reply. I've made 2 new paths with the same direction, used the inbetweener en the result is perfect. As you mentioned, both paths were not drawn in the same direction. Problem solved.

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