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scissor select
hi - 

I am having trouble using the selection I have made with the scissors.

I have tried "create alpha channel," "invert," and delete, but it simply does not delete anything. 

Any tips on how I can use the scissor tool successfully?

What I am trying to do is cut out the outline of a flower, then post it on another layer in which I will add text.
The scissors are a selection tool see:

Not one of my favourites, however, same as the other selection tools, all it does initially is define an area of pixels. Up to you, what you do then.

Might go like this:
(1) Go round with the tool, the control points at this stage can be adjusted (click and drag) when finished click on the start point to close. Now click somewhere inside the area or hit the enter key to get the selection as 'crawling ants'

(2) That does not contain anything, it is just an area. Use Edit -> Copy  to grab the contents. As a check look in the brushes dock and you should see, as icons, the selection (3) 


(4) Now you have to paste that somewhere, various options in the Edit menu, experiment with them. 

(5) To paste into another image, open the image, Edit -> Paste gives a Floating Selection Pasted Layer That can be moved same as any other layer. What to do with that? One way is anchor it to merge with the layer underneath. 

(6) A better way is make it as new permanent layer. These options are in the layers menu. A new layer gives the option to re-position as required.  Note the dotted lines, these denote the boundary of the layer.


Still not working? Could be that OSX has broken Gimp yet again Wink

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