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shark0r's digital painting works
Hi everyone. I am a programmer living in Taiwan, but do some digital painting for hobby. So my main usage of GIMP is painting.
Besides Chinese, I can read Japanese too.

My programming and art works were posted here (No English site sorry)
Bahamut (Traditional Chinese)
pixiv (Japanese)

Here is my recent work
pixiv link
By Inkscape 0.92 and GIMP 2.9.5
She is Kasane Teto (重音テト), an UTAU character.
Also a practice of newly-added MyPaint brush. Adjusted its setting to make it like Watercolor tool in many Japanese softwares.

And an older one.

pixiv link
The character is Xin Hua (心華), A Vocaloid character from Taiwan.
It took me many days. Currently I have no time to draw another such a complex artwork.
Nice paintings, shark0r.
Another complex artwork... There were still some issues but I was tired...
They are my original characters. It's a summer scene, and the flowers in the background are very common flowers in summer in Taiwan.

Posted here too
Bahamut (Traditional Chinese)
pixiv (Japanese)
Nice colours and composition.
BTW, why the boy has his face cutted out?
Leave to readers to imagine who he is.
You can think that he is the girls' cousin, an anime/manga character, or even yourself.
Interesting style... definitely an oriental flavor... good stuff
[Image: 15871545_10154849867538431_4425975227108...e=5B12DEC4]
(06-14-2017, 03:47 PM)Nateart Wrote: Interesting style... definitely an oriental flavor... good stuff

I learned painting mainly from Japanese animes and mangas.
Doodle painter and doodle cleaner
Based on two Nintendo games: Super Mario Sunshine and Splatoon
A few days ago I played Super Mario Sunshine, and I thought of Splatoon as they have similar concepts. Although I have not actully played Splatoon.

Miko vs ghosts
Two mikos with orbs and short sword as their weapons.
Left : A character from Cyber Sprite 2, which is my self-made game under development.
Right : Rin-Shi(鈴世) from Girl Arms, which is a comic published in Taiwan (not created by me).
A miko(巫女) is a shrine maiden in Japan. If you familier with Japanese anime, you will know it.

And in the background are some video game ghost characters. From left to right:
Shade Man from Rockman7/Megaman7
King Teresa/King Boo from Mario series
Amanojaku from Ookami
Death from Castlevania series

I drew this mainly by smudging feature of MyPaint brush.
A practice of seamless tilemap.
My self-made game needs tilemaps, so I learned how to draw.

Drew a tileset
[Image: 5ejWcBw0r63PfF2kxRIF.jpg]

Symmetry Painting in GIMP 2.9 is very useful to draw seamless textures.

And built a map by tilemap editor
[Image: 7gCK7tk0dO9PE96pxRIF.jpg]]
Trying to relate the tubes and the mikos. Brain freeze Smile

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