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shark0r's digital painting works
I mentioned that she has a weakness but for now I keep everyone in suspense. It will be shown in the game when the game released.
Dirty "dunder"-ware(*)?

(*) For the non-pythonistas: "dunder" is the shortname for a double underscore, used as prefix/suffix for object methods that can be used and abused, for instance defining __str__ (pronounced dunder-str, the final __ being assumed) lets you define how the object is printed out.
The tubes, with the red brick background, that were shown in post # 9, were interesting. The red brickwork in the background of post # 9 of the tubing is common in the old walls surrounding Chinese towns on Taiwan.
Two original characters in so-called chibi or déformer style, with 2 methods.

With smudge painting tool.
[Image: sdPPk5lprnBBsU0zpHoOf.jpg]
With MyPaint brush's smudge.
[Image: 622zhodrK7ZripTWTtgayx.jpg]

Also posted here
Bahamut (Chinese)
Pixiv (Japanese)

Their names are Ariel(left) and Cobalt(right). I drew them in some posts in my Bahamut blog, but the posts are in Chinese and I have no much time to translate them.

This is my first time trying 2.99. I have some Python scripts to aid my work, but the plug-in APIs are totally changed from 2.10, and currently there is no good document about new APIs. I have to study GIMP source codes to understand them.

And I faced a problem: Smudge tool didn't work properly on layers not placed at top-left of the image. I found that this was fixed in 2023/1/4.
But 2.99.14, which I used to draw this artwork, hasn't include this patch. I had to set all layers the same size as the image to avoid this problem.
They look amazing when u make them 3d!!!!

Your work is excellent.

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