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(06-17-2018, 04:23 PM)burn Wrote: gimp has been around for AGES. there's no excuse for it just not doing something so basic. it's shameful. you can't tell me i'm the only person to ever run into this problem. i'm sure the developers have been aware of this issue since probably the mid-90s. if they can't be bothered, neither can i. i'm not going to fight a program to get it to do what i want.

It is not because there is some image in it that a document should be entirely done with an image editor, be it vector or bitmap(*). Otherwise, all the docs I see at work would be done with Gimp/Inkscape (or PS/AI). The image editor can be used to provide the images for the more complex document, which is done with a more adequate application.

(*) Or some more complex stuff. Despite admitting that Linux is a better fit for 80% of their job, they need Windows to run Visio (which it seems has no serious FOSS equivalent).

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