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GIMP 2.10 DDS compression question
New to here, and am having some problems with exporting dds
I followed this guide:

The problem I am having is that, depending on the compression mode I choose, there will be a color hue over the thumbnail, and unfortunately this also translate into what I use the dds for. 

Load the file into GIMP and the hue is gone as GIMP reads the file correctly it seems. 
So far the best mode that works is DXT5 (nm gives inverted red) 

so far the problems are:
nm=inverted with red
AlExp=normal color but with what sees like too high brightness
YCoCg= blue hue
YCoCg scaled= green hue

The attached is an example of what I'm having

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
Since Gimp 2.10.x the dds import/export plugin is incorporated into the Gimp distribution files. Now a responsibility of the developers.

You can report this effect as a bug to

Make sure you include the actual dds file(s) and not the jpeg screenshot.

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