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Thought about that. Not sure it would give very usable results, unless I add a ton of parameters (distance between anchors, distance of removed anchor from straight line between the remaining anchors... ) not speaking of tweaking the tangents to compensate.. . Seen a good paper on this?
I agree 110%  that to make something other than simple, would  be a real project and might not be worth the effort.  I was looking at the Inkscape simplify recently and it seems to work much better in the current Inkscape than it ever did in Inkscape 0.48  However, I could not find any mention of a code update so it must be my imagination.

For a simple 'every other control point' using what I have available this is quick. Well known outline.
I can use the old RobA 'Label Path' script to mark every other point ( that is a solid square character 25AA followed by a space 0020)


That gives a plot which I can colour select the control points


..and apply your plugin to simplify.  


Obviously does not discriminate between 'corner' nodes and 'between' nodes but might be useful in certain circumstances or it might just wreck the path Smile
Updated the script, improved "Break-text-path-apart" by making it use the same "nested strokes" algorithm as ofn-text-path-selection.
Updated the script, added a Densify anchors function to double the number of anchors by adding one anchor between each pair of existing anchors.
Updated the script; added a "Break path apart by nesting order".

For instance this:


Is broken in three paths:

In the plugin manual, wouldn't it be 'Achors' where you read 'strokes'?

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(08-27-2020, 10:05 PM)Krikor Wrote: In the plugin manual, wouldn't it be 'Achors' where you read 'strokes'?

Yes. Falling off my chair, first time I see someone reading the docs(*).

(*) To be fair, Rich does, apparently
Thanks for the updates!!

Path-edits and path-shapes are my most used plugins.
Another update, no new functionality, but significant performance improvements...

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