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  Not deleting my scissor path
Posted by: daynis - 03-22-2018, 12:34 AM - Forum: General questions - Replies (2)

using gimp 2.8.22
It's not allowing me to use the Invert and then clear option within my scissor path.  Also...why does it keep deleting my scissor path when I save?

My apologies for posting perhaps a noob question but I'm so frustrated right now.  I did a halfass search with keywords 'scissor path not deleting' and nothing came up. 
Everything has been working fine until last night.  I uninstalled 2.8.1 and just installed 2822. I waited 24 hours to receive confirmation email from gimper.net, not realizing the site was down, and then went to another gimp forum to only realize after signing up that that was ghosted.  I'm about to shitbricks. I've done 4 separate scissor paths that take 8 minutes each and nothing happens. Add alpha channel to the layer. Use scissor paths. Connect scissor path. Click Invert. Click delete. Deleted the entire picture leaving only white background.

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  Stroke, paint draw with solid color, no fade
Posted by: hotsprings - 03-21-2018, 05:41 PM - Forum: General questions - Replies (4)

Man, I just cannot figure out how to get rid of the fade.
I just want to stroke, paintbrush or pencil with a solid color, no fade. No Gradient, No nothing.
Just a hard-edged, color. One solid color without Gimp applying the fade.
What should I set my settings to?
Does what I'm asking for make sense?

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  Photo Maniuplation Help: Changing Outfit
Posted by: SolidSnake2003 - 03-21-2018, 01:49 PM - Forum: General questions - Replies (6)

Is it possible for someone to help me combine one of these photos of Jackson Robert Scott

1. https://instagram.com/p/Bdt5YD7Fn0K/
2. https://instagram.com/p/Bctx5FIlN6D/
3. https://instagram.com/p/BaJkX5hBgUQ/
4. https://instagram.com/p/Begj9RPFaDB/ - Left Image

into this


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  The Gap
Posted by: Espermaschine - 03-20-2018, 09:06 PM - Forum: Watercooler - No Replies

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  floating selection / copy from other layer
Posted by: i3i - 03-20-2018, 11:36 AM - Forum: General questions - Replies (7)

Hi, my first post here. Coming from years of paintshop pro, fighting the limited file size it can handle. Stuck on a relatively simple problem.

I am creating a selection from one layer but with to copy the contents of the layer underneath, however it just copies the entire image when I paste as a new image. I have two rendered layers, one is a png with no background (top layer) the other is a full colour render including background. I duplicate the bottom layer, turn it to grey scale and then want to steal the shape without the background, using this method I have used for many years. 

please help and thanks if you can.

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  Sort list in script-fu
Posted by: Vnicent - 03-20-2018, 10:04 AM - Forum: Scripting questions - Replies (1)

Hello, I am trying to make a relatively simple script to aggregate images together using file-glob to browse files.

The problem is that the files are loaded in a seemingly random order and I would need to load the files by alphabetical order.

Is there a way to sort the list returned by the file-glob function? I suppose I could implement my own sorting function in script-fu it should be possible but if something already exists I'd rather just use it.

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  Preserving magenta exporting to .gif
Posted by: Whiteshadowzo - 03-20-2018, 12:51 AM - Forum: General questions - Replies (3)

Hello forum

Just created an account to ask this question. 

Have the most up-to-date version of Gimp.

Trying to create a graphic for a map-maker software for a boardgame. Software designer states graphics must be .gif on a true magenta background which the program will read as transparent. 287x287px

Here is a pre-programmed graphic on the default map background


And here is the file in the program's graphics folder


So I figure I would try my hand at making some add'l tree graphics for variety sake. Now, disregarding the anti-aliasing around the tree image I add which gives a magenta-ish outline the background does not stay true magenta when exported as a gif. Therefore the software adds the magenta-ish color.


 Saving the file as a gimp file and reopening the color reads 255,0,255 per the color picker. But exporting to .gif and reopening the color reads 253,5,255. In fact after writing this post I can confirm .pngs after reopening will also read 253,5,255.

So, is there something I can do to make sure the color stays? 

-Is this simply a matter of fact when exporting to .gif/.png that colors get altered? Well, then how did the software creator manage it?
-Is Gimp doing some magic I'm unaware of? Can someone direct me to some settings to change?
-And what about that anti-aliasing giving those undesired pinks. When I show and hide the magenta layer behind the tree I can see the fringe pixels change from different greens to pinkish-different greens. Anyway to keep that from happening?

Any help or further reading would be much appreciated.

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  Change blackest point to pure black and whitest to pure white
Posted by: Julienroy - 03-19-2018, 08:37 PM - Forum: General questions - Replies (3)


Quick question, I'd like to make the black to white range broader by changing the blackest point of my picture (let's say very dark grey) to pure black (#000000) and the whitest point (very pale grey) to pure white (#ffffff). The rest of shades should follow accordingly.

I've been messing with the curves in "colors" with no results. I know it's doable in Photoshop, I'd like to use the same function in gimp.

Thanks in advance,

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  how can I erase a part of image
Posted by: renato07 - 03-19-2018, 04:57 PM - Forum: General questions - Replies (3)

I have an image (Nefertiti head) with an horrible black thin line in the  head profile.
wich is the best way to erase it?

the eraser tool?
I'm wondering if I can use some other way, because this is not so easy for me.



[color=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.541176)]13/50[/color]

Attached Files Image(s)
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  [Solved] BIMP how to get its translations?
Posted by: nelo - 03-19-2018, 03:48 PM - Forum: Extending the GIMP - Replies (4)

Hi all,

I've noticed that in the downloaded sourcecode if BIMP ( Batch Image Manipulation) plugin there are language files.
How can I use them? i.e. how do I get a language other than English?

Some system info: I'm on a Linux Mint MATE 18.3 64bit with GIMP 2.8.22.

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